Thank you for your continued support throughout these uncertain times. We have the best customers and sincerely appreciate it! You may have noticed that we've remained open throughout this ever-evolving situation.

We've been busy with lots of changes at the restaurant. We're excited to announce that Craft food has opened our regular service again. This includes our new indoor dining area!

We can't wait to see you!

The Craft food house team

Our Daily Menu

Chicken Avocado Bowl *NEW

Tandoori chicken w/ cranberries, celery, yogurt mayo, peanuts and cranberry brittle served on our famous “vitamin K” salad topped w/ 1/2 avovado
$ 15 Gluten Free

Jerk Chicken Bowl *NEW

Pulled Jerk Chicken panfried w/ jerk spices, sweet potatoes, cauliflower crumble, tomatoes, carrots on warm basmati rice topped with relish - served with “vitamin K” salad
$ 15 Gluten Free

Black Blue & Nutty Salad Bowl

Blackened Chicken breast, steak or grilled shrimp, crumbled blue cheese, cauliflower crumble, sweet potatoes and crushed peanuts on our famous “vitamin K” salad
$ 16

Popo Salad Bowl

Marinated sushi grade tuna, diced tomatoes, cucumbers, sweet potatoes, pineapple, sesame oil, corn, thai dressing on our “vitamin K” salad
$ 16 Gluten Free

Tandoori Cauliflower & Chicken Salad Bowl

Warm basmati rice, “vitamin K” salad topped with Tandoori chicken, cauliflower crumble, pineapple, cucumber, sweet potatoes and some surprises
$ 16 Gluten Free

Check Your Pulse Salad

Egg, tuna, hummus, chickpeas, sweet potatoes, beans, watermellon & some surprises, served with our “vitamin K” salad
$ 14 Gluten Free

Andes Salad

Quinoa patty (chickpeas, quinoa & seasonings) seved on our “vitamin K” salad topped with zucchini relish
$ 13 Gluten Free, Vegetarian / Vegan

Vitamin Kale Salad

Quinoa, chickpeas, blackbean crumble, sweet potatoes & kale
$ 12 Gluten Free, Vegetarian / Vegan

Craft Mac, Cheese & Salad

Gruyère aged cheddar, truffle oil, elbow pasta served with "vitamin K" salad
$ 12 Vegetarian / Add Chicken, steak or grilled shrimp for $4

Lobster Mac, Cheese & Salad

Our Craft Mac & Cheese w/ Lobster and grilled shrimp served with "vitamin K" salad
$ 16

Pad Thai Salad

Noodles(cold), scrambled Egg, Peanuts, bean Sprouts, green Onion, Bok Choy, Kale, thai sauce, lime, cilantro
$ 12 Gluten Free Available. Add chicken, steak, grilled shrimp or dumplings for $4

Butter Chicken Wrap *NEW

Tomatoes, cucumbers in naan w/ side of Tamarind dip, served with "Vitamin K" salad
$ 14

Gourmet Grilled Cheese

Brie cheese, roast beef & pepper jelly served with "vitamin K" salad
$ 12

Chicken Curry Roti

Indian seasoned chicken breast & potato, wrapped in an authentic roti, served with "vitamin K" salad
$ 15