Saturday: SPAIN


A romantic take-home dinner followed by brunch.
Nobody is doing it like us!


on Saturday, February 13th,
Bring home a romantic dinner PLUS Valentine's Day brunch

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Pick-up / Takeout from 10 am to 3 pm on Saturday!
(Home heating instructions are posted here on Saturday before pick-up)

Choose Two Starters

  • Stuffed mushroom caps w/ crab
    (350 for 10 minutes)
  • Crabcakes w/ chutney
    (350 for 10 minutes)
  • Caprese garlic bread
    (350 for 10 minutes -
    Let Cheese Melt)
  • Oysters Rockefeller
    (350 for 10 minutes -
    Let Cheese Melt)
  • Eggplant gratin
    (350 for 10 minutes -
    Let Cheese Melt)

Choose Two Mains

The Mix Grill:
Beef tenderloin, shrimp in garlic, grilled honey dijon chicken w/ potatoes + grilled veg
(Place in a frying pan and sauté until hot)

Beef Wellington:
In a red wine reduction
(350 for 25 minutes - Pastry has to be a light brown. After it is cooked, let rest for five minutes. Heat sauce in a pan - Place veg tables on a tray in the oven for 5 minutes at 350 - When ready to eat slice Wellington in three equal pieces place on plate Arrange vegetables And add sauce)

Blackened Salmon:
On risotto cake with truffle sauce
(Place in oven at 350 for 12 minutes - Arrange on a plate and spread sauce over salmon and risotto cake)


Choose A Dessert

  • Chocolate indulgence cake
  • Blackout Chocolate Cake


Strawberry + Chocolate Waffle Sandwich
(Place in oven at 350 10 minutes let sauce melt)

Rolled Crêpe:
With ricotta, spinach, and Béchamel sauce
(Place in oven at 350 10 minutes)


$125.00 - Serves 2

$65.00 - Serves 1

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